Barzok Anthropology Museum

Barzok Anthropology Museum is nominated as the best Museum of Isfahan Province

Barzok anthropolgy museum can be one of the most cultural sight you ever can see in Iran also this museum is nominated as the best museum in Isfahan Province .

Barzok has five  attraction in general which are :

900 years old water mill,500 years old public bath house,the valley view from Tape Ghale ,old Neighbourhood of Barzok which contains 60 Percent of the whole village and Barzok Anthropolgy Museum.

what is so amazing about this museum is the fact that was all people idea and effort in making the place for keeping what was the outcome of their ancestors forhundreads of year,the building  is 500 years old ,and the renovation started at 2012.

other things that is happening here that rarely yo can see all around Iran is using children ,employee and teaching them for future .there are several girls and boys with very beautiful Barzok clothes ,so colourful and cute ,waiting for new visitors at the front door and as an Iranian tradition they say the welcoming verses all together than they all have their beautiful smiles on their face and lead you intothe museum and each child explains a part of the museum ,its so nice and joyful looking at them that you get more attracted to how they are ,and how they move with their beautiful clothes than listening them .

the Barzok anthropology musuem is in three Floors with a rooftop view of the village with beds for you to sit and chill out .

there is many things in the museum ,like kitchen tools,farming tools ,clothes ,bread ,housing system ,that al are with ages history that the oldest object is the door of barzok congragational mosque that is 700 years old .with great details and versers worked on the door .

Barzok anthropology museum is absolute must see of Isfahan .


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